Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful…

A version of Henry James’s The Ambassadors wherein only the word wonderful is visible throughout the entire text, appearing 103 times through the novel’s 164,561 words, which, save for the instances of wonderful, are completely invisible. The book’s cover is green because the word “green” appears most frequently out of any color in The Ambassadors — a total of 17 times.
       The 1909 Scribner New York edition of The Ambassadors, featuring the exact text from which Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful… is sourced — and which coincidentally happened to have a red cover — has been republished by Specific Ideas to accompany this edition. The two books can be purchased as a pair or Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful… can be bought alone (specify below).

  • Adobe Caslon Pro by Carol Twombly
  • Pecita by Philippe Cochy

  • 1-color digital offset on 60# cream text and 100# glossy cover (printed by Lulu)
  • 4.25 × 6.875 inches, 468 pages, perfect bound, ongoing edition, 2022