NEW NEW NEW Sticker Sheet
        w/ Rachel Ferber

NEW NEW NEW invites you to join in a collaborative effort to remove a small, but significant item from the waste stream: the produce sticker.
        Technically referred to as a PLU sticker, or product lookup sticker, the plastic-coated labels found on most grocery store produce are an overlooked piece of everyday waste. By collecting these stickers on a sticker sheet, however, we can reroute them from the landfill to a personal archive — a waste-collecting artwork.
        Use this 4-color Risograph print as a starter sheet to begin your sticker sheet habit. The process is simple: instead of tossing stickers pulled from apples, cucumbers, bananas and the like, stick them to this sheet to create a free-form composition.

For more information on the project, see

Happy Karrik by Jonathan Maghen (Primary Foundry)

  • 4-color Risograph on cardstock
  • 4.25 × 8.5 inches, two-sided print, edition of 50, 2022