Sprung Formal, Issue 17
        by Not Art

Sprung Formal is a literary arts journal published annually in association with the Liberal Arts and Graphic Design Departments at the Kansas City Art Institute. Established in 2005, Sprung Formal is edited and produced by students who pride themselves on combining professional content with professional-grade student work. The content includes a myriad of selected poetry, short fiction, and visual art.
        As the primary project in “Interdisciplinary Inquiry,” a course in the Graphic Design department taught by Adam Swift Lucas, seven juniors operated as the magazine’s design studio, Not Art. The design students collaborated closely with students in Jordan Stempleman’s Liberal Arts class who served as the editorial team.
       The two classes worked on all aspects of the publishing process — from early research, establishing an editorial and artistic vision; to soliciting content from professional writers and artists from around the country; to selecting, organizing, and sequencing the content; to designing, art directing, and managing the printing and production. In addition to the printed publication, the students designed and built a new website, featuring all of the content from Issue 17; and launched a reading release event with live readings, performances, and screenings.
        Interior designed by Olivia Scheible, Jadyn Green, and Rebecca Wagner. Cover designed by Adam Lock with support from Audrey Parsell. Printed by Soli Printing with paper generously donated by Midland Paper, courtesy of Marie Langdon.

Visit the online publication and project’s website here (designed by Harrison Breshears and Rachel Kaufman)

Adam Lock
Audrey Parsell
Harrison Breshears
Jadyn Green
Olivia Scheible
Rachel Kaufman
Rebecca Wagner

Adam Lucas
Jordan Stempleman


Junicode by Peter Baker

  • 4-color digital offset (printed by Soli Printing)
  • 4.25 × 6.875 × .5 inches, 192 pages, perfect bound book, edition of 250, 2022