Site Two & Three
        w/ Rachel Kaufman (Site Three)

Exhibition identity, signage, flyers (2022)

The Site exhibition series is a grassroots effort to bring together curatorial practices and artist-run spaces from the Kansas City area, inviting them to take part in a collective public art exhibition.
        The collaboration with Specific Ideas began with an invitation to design the flyer for Site Two (the two final images below), the second iteration of the series which took place over a beautiful spring Saturday at Loose Park. The concept behind the flyer’s design, which helped to establish the overall identity, was about using the flyer as another means of elevating an artist and adding a voice to the collective chorus of artworks and local platforms. The flyer — featuring the work of photographer Jeffrey Michael Eaton — was distributed at the exhibition as a limited edition 4-color Risograph print.
       Site Three moved the exhibition into a more traditional interior space, so the identity needed to create cohesion between a group of different galleries and artists. Rachel Kaufman illustrated a set of silhouetted shapes based on local native plants which served as the artwork on another Risograph  edition and operated as a visual representation of the six different galleries, appearing in signage througout the space. To reference the overlaps between the galleries and their artists, the shapes were printed and overlaid in translucent colors in both the flyer and vinyl signage, respectively.

  • Photography for Site Two flyer by Jeffrey Michael Eaton
  • Design support and illustration for Site Three by Rachel Kaufman

  • Cut adhesive vinyl in solid and translucent colors
  • 4-color inkjet on Phototex

  • 4- and 7-color Risograph on medium weight paper
  • 11 × 17 inches, single-sided prints, each an edition of 100