NEW NEW NEW Showroom
        w/ Rachel Ferber

Exhibition identity, signage, printed matter, website (2019)

NEW NEW NEW is an exploratory, project-based initiative by Rachel Ferber and Adam Lucas focused on confronting our impact on the world through various real and speculative solutions.
        NEW NEW NEW Showroom was the first project of this initiative. The exhibition, hosted by Charlotte Street Foundation’s La Esquina Gallery, presented prototypes and possibilities for the continued use of materials that had reached their perceived end-of-life.
        The exhibition identity featured the re-purposing and re-use of various graphic and typographic assets — most notably, wordmarks from sale stickers and the arrows from the universal recycling symbol. In order to emphasize the materials of each work, the show labels were installed as large-format wheatpaste posters throughout the gallery space. Takeaways were Risograph printed on new old stock carbon copy paper.

  • Exhibition concept and artwork by Rachel Ferber
  • Photo documentation by E.G. Schempf and Mason Andrew Kilpatrick

  • Large-format wheatpaste posters, 1-color inkjet, dimensions variable
  • Single-sided flyer, 1-color Risograph, 8.5 × 14 inches
  • Double-sided postcard, 4-color digital offset, 4 × 6 inches