Reading as Publishing flyer

A double-sided flyer for Reading as Publishing: Access to Books, a participatory publishing workshop run at Charlotte Street Foundation. Their Capsule space was transformed into a temporary library and reading room. Visitors were invited to read printed facsimiles of complete and partial publications that were listed and/or reviewed in issues of the The Whole Earth Catalog and mark-up the facsimiles with written notes, annotations, and other edits. The marked-up fascimiles were then digitized and posted on a website that was streaming live in the space and online.
        This flyer, featuring revised, edited, and annotated versions of content from the catalog, introduced and demonstrated the concept of the workshop while promoting it at the same time. Typeset in Space Grotesk by Florian Karsten and Space Mono by Colophon.

Space Grotesk and Space Mono by Florian Karsten

  • 3-color Risograph on yellow copy paper
  • 8.5 × 14 inches, double-sided flyer, edition of 100, 2019