KCMO Black Protestor Resource Card
        w/ L’Sharessee Burrell

A pocket-sized card featuring helpful resources for Black protestors in the Kansas City area. Information compiled and edited by L’Sharessee Burrell. The text on the front of the card (PLOT PLAN…) is a quote from Killer Mike during a speech in Atlanta. The hand model in the photograph is Anthony Williams. Typeset in The Neue by Tré Seals. Acquired by The Whitney Museum’s Special Collections and Printed Matter’s archive.

  • The Whitney Museum of American Art Library’s Special Collections
  • Printed Matter, Inc.’s Archives

The Neue by Tré Seals (Vocal Type)

  • 1-color Risograph on cardstock
  • 2.83 × 5.5 inches, double-sided card, edition of 1000, 2021