Pop–Ups I, II, & III
w/ various students

Exhibition identity, printed matter, website (2017–2018)

Pop–Ups was a semester-long project  third-year students completed in a few different classes I’ve taught over the past handful of years — the first iteration was at MICA in 2016; the second and third was at KCAI in 2018 and 2019.
        The students concepted, designed, and launched independent “pop-up” projects that were required to have meaning or significance to them — to be more than just a means to sell or offer goods, services, or experiences; moreover, each project’s ends had to be for the good and benefit of others.

Near the end of each project, I worked closely with the students to design their final exhibition identities and materials. Each iteration responded to the students’ work and ideas, evoking the visual and conceptual diversity of their projects, capturing the enjoyment they shared in making them, while still providing a neutral and cohesive platform for the work.

Visit the project’s archived websites: pop-ups.show one, two, and three.

Various posters and websites, dimensions and production methods variable