Exhibition identity, signage, printed matter, website (2019)

A sweet-but-short-lived redesign of plug, an artist-run curatorial project and gallery space in Kansas City. Founded in 2011 as Plug Projects, plug is the longest continuously active artist-run gallery in the city.
        At the time of the redesign, plug was located in a shotgun-style gallery space consisting of two long rooms stacked one after the other. Each exhibition would feature a local artist in the front room and a non-local artist in the back as a way to initiate connection and spark dialogue.
        To capture this distinctive architectural and curatorial trait, stacked rectangles were used as modules for text and image content throughout the visual identity. Formats and applications followed suit — for example, the takeaway was a tall and narrow pamphlet; the show titles leveraged the double doors at the storefront entrance; and the website used a flexible visible quadrant layout.  


  • Cut adhesive vinyl, dimensions variable
  • 4-page pamphlet, 1-color Risograph, 4.25 × 11 inches