HD video, large-format prints (2019)

As a child, watching a lot of Captain Planet and the Planeteers instilled in me an optimistic if not idealistic notion of environmentalism. I still struggle with that today. I teeter between: believing that the small efforts that each of us can make on a daily basis will collectively make a difference; and doubting that we’ll be able to pull ourselves back from imminent doom. In the end, I usually return to optimism and idealism. Love conquers all. With heart, humans can do anything. Right? Right!?
     The Captain Planet character Ma-Ti embodied this sentiment. Unlike his showy fellow planeteers that relied on elemental force to fight off the eco-villains, Ma-Ti wielded the humble power of “heart.”
        Partly to honor and amplify little Ma-Ti, and partly to capture my teetering spirit, I made a supercut of every time Ma-Ti wields his heart powers in Season 1 of Captain Planet. Accompanying the video were a pair of large-format inkjet prints that used paper made from recycled junk mail and a font that printed with less ink.

PIN by Hoon Kim (Colophon)

  • HD video, 01:42 duration
  • Single-sided prints on paper made from recycled junk mail, 1-color inkjet, 13 × 19 inches