Good Trouble

Wheatpaste poster (2020)

John Lewis, the civil rights leader who died on July 17th, wrote an essay shortly before his death, and sent it to the New York Times to be published upon the day of his funeral, on July 30th. He had a clear message: “stand up for what you truly believe.” Mr. Lewis did this his entire life.
        He demonstrated that the best way to stand up against violence, oppression, and injustice was through love and nonviolence — what he called “getting into good trouble.” He did and gave everything to create change for social justice. Ultimately, he's asking for something much simpler in return: VOTE. It's our privilege, and our duty as citizens in a democratic society, to do so.
        Installed as edition 062 of Post-Contact, a public site for open, artistic commentary in response to multiple, simultaneous health crises, a project run by Jack Fahnestock in Providence, RI from April through August of 2020. Typeset in Martin by Tré Seals (Vocal Type).

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Martin by Tré Seals (Vocal Type)

Tiled wheatpaste poster, 1-color laser, 30 × 40 inches