Arch Schools
        w/ Andrew LeClair as LeClair Lucas

Exhibition identity, signage, printed matter (2015)

An annual exhibition organized by the Center for Architecture featuring award-winning thesis projects from 16 different architecture programs. A 20-page exhibition catalog provided information about each school and also served as the exhibition’s signage. To reference this dual functionality, the show’s identity was composed as an MLA-style citation for the catalog and set in Minotaur, a typeface drawn with only straight lines to reference the mechanical constraints of architectural printing.

Co-designed w/ Andrew LeClair as LeClair Lucas

Minotaur by Jean-Baptiste Levée (Production)

  • 20-page booklet, 1-color offset, saddle stitch, 7 × 10 inches
  • Large-format wall vinyl and various signage
  • Double-sided bookmarks, 1-color laser